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Gothic Tyler Devia

a devastatingly Gothic Tyler


real name:Danice Marie Watson
age: 18
home Town : Waxahachie Texas
hobbies: partying all night and sleeping all day : )
flirting !
doing wierd things and grossing out the squimish members of her family.
shopping,painting,designing her own wardrobe

purpose in life: to create chaos and confusion where ever she goes

Devia's makeover

all of Tyler's original makeup has been removed using acetone free polish remover.
her new looks was created using
bambi brown
candy bar brown
black cherry
real burgundy
real red

Tyler's eyes are a hauntingly beautiful
pale blue
She know sports black nail polish,and a really cool Tribal art Tatoo on her arm
given to her by a wonderful young artist friend of ours Rachel Davis.

formerly a blonde Tyler ,her original hair was removed
and she know had a lovely high quality black wig.

Devia's outfit

Looking sexy in her snakeskin vinyl outfit !!
Black bell bottom hip huggers with a heavy belly chain that has a dagger hanging from it.
Matching halter top adorned with a skull at her throat
Black kingstate boots with modified pointed toes.
silver earring with ice blue stones to match her eyes.
and bracelets to finish her look





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