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Welcome to ,,Dolls to Die For !


Welcome to my little spot on the web.
Please feel free to browse around and as always all comments and suggestions are very welcome.
thanks for dropping by.
Becky Martinez

Dolls have been a lifetime passion for me.
As a child i went from playing with dolls to collecting them at the early age of 13.
I love all dolls from antique bisque to Barbie.

I have been customizing full time for about 2 years know,started with Barbie and know am trying my hand at Gene and Tyler.

Previously I studied antique porcelain dolls and took classes to learn how to make porcelain doll,and specialized in Antique replicas.
I actually gave classes on making porcelain dolls in my home for 2 years before my last child was born.
I still keep all my molds and kiln for future use,but am concentrating on customizing vinal ,they are much less time consuming,and are great fun to work with !!
I also enjoy doing restoration on mod dolls such as Crissy and mod Barbies and will literally tackle any restoration job happily.